Official Committees of Unsecured Creditors

The firm has represented an extensive list of official committees in complex, high-profile Chapter 11 reorganizations involving companies with multi-billion-dollar annual revenues, numerous labor unions, complex capital structures and a myriad of business and legal issues.

We have been involved in bankruptcy cases for companies across a wide range of industries, including national, regional and local retailers; nursing homes, drug store chains and other healthcare providers; steel manufacturing companies; apparel companies; airlines; chemical, plastic and other types of industrial companies; real estate entities; and food and restaurant service companies.

We have significant experience with:

  • Issues that require in-depth knowledge of the Bankruptcy Code, the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure, and local rules
  • Case administration, including the day-to-day organizational needs of creditors’ committees 
  • The structuring, negotiation and documentation of reorganization plans       

Our expertise in the bankruptcy field is augmented by a wide network of relationships with sources of equity funding, sponsors of plans of reorganization, investment banking firms, financial advisory firms, real estate consultants, industry experts, liquidation specialists and judges, practitioners, receivers, trustees and United States Trustees throughout the United States and worldwide. These relationships are part of the unique value we bring to our clients and enhance our ability to achieve superior results.

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