Judicial Voices on Transition: From the Bar to the Bench and Beyond

November 9, 2015

On Monday, November 9, 2015, Chief Bankruptcy Judge Melanie L. Cyganowski (ret.), EDNY, currently the chair of the restructuring and bankruptcy practice area at Otterbourg, P.C. moderated a panel at the Union League Club in New York City made up of thirteen women Bankruptcy Judges led by the Chief Bankruptcy Judges of Connecticut, New Jersey, EDNY and SDNY in which recently retired Bankruptcy Judges joined sitting Bankruptcy Judges, including those newly sworn in, to talk about transitions... from the bar to the bench...from the bench to retirement...within their bench as newer colleagues replace senior colleagues...and of the practice of law over their tenures.

Panelists included:

Chief Bankruptcy Judge Cecelia G. Morris (SDNY)
Chief Bankruptcy Judge Carla E. Craig (EDNY)
Chief Bankruptcy Judge Kathryn C. Ferguson (NJ)
Chief Bankruptcy Judge Julie A. Manning (CT)
Judge Rosemary Gambardella (NJ)
Judge Gloria M. Burns (NJ; Ret.)
Judge Judith H. Wizmur (NJ; Ret.)
Judge Christine M. Gravelle (NJ)
Judge-Nominee Stacey Meisel (NJ)
Judge Dorothy T. Eisenberg (EDNY; Ret.)
Judge Elizabeth S. Stong (EDNY)
Judge Shelley C. Chapman (SDNY)
Judge Ann M. Nevins (CT)