Otterbourg Attorneys Provide Program on Supply Chain Finance

March 8, 2012

David Morse and Richard Stehl, partners at Otterbourg, joined by Matt McAlpine, in-house counsel at Citibank, gave a program on Supply Chain Finance:  The Next Generation to the Association of Commercial Finance Attorneys on Wednesday, March 14, 2012, at Club 101, 101 Park Avenue, New York.

Between the movement of manufacturing offshore, the squeeze on foreign and domestic small and medium enterprises for both credit and margins, and the need to manage inventories ever more efficiently, trade finance has never been more relevant for today’s business world.

Trade finance has of course been around for centuries (remember the Venetians?) and takes many forms, including letters of credit, banker’s acceptances, purchase order financing and factoring.

More recently perhaps you may have heard of “supply chain finance”?  Supply chain finance or “SCF” is the latest evolution of foreign and domestic trade finance.  The panel discussed this unique product and provided insights into how SCF really works.