Otterbourg's Melanie Cyganowski Appointed to GM Ignition Switch Multidistrict Litigation Committee

August 25, 2014

   U.S District Judge Jesse Furman has appointed Otterbourg’s Melanie Cyganowski to the plaintiffs’ Executive Committee that will assist lead counsel in key aspects of the General Motors ignition switch litigation pending in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York. Judge Furman, who is overseeing more than 100 cases against G.M., appointed Ms. Cyganowski on August 15 among other leadership appointments related to the litigation.  

   Ms. Cyganowski chairs Otterbourg’s Insolvency Litigation Services, ADR and Fiduciary Appointments Practice. She formerly served as the chief bankruptcy judge for the Eastern District of New York.  

   “We are pleased that Melanie has such an exceptional reputation in the bankruptcy field that she received this appointment,” said Daniel Wallen, Otterbourg’s chairman. “I am certain that our firm will add substantial value to the plaintiffs’ litigation team, which will benefit from Melanie’s expertise and wise counsel just as our clients do every day.”  

   The Executive Committee will work with lead plaintiffs’ counsel and liaison counsel on various substantive aspects of the litigation, including bankruptcy law, as well as case management issues to ensure that the massive and complex litigation proceeds efficiently through the judicial process.

   At Otterbourg, Ms. Cyganowski serves as a mediator, arbitrator, commercial and bankruptcy law litigator and expert witness. She also serves as a fiduciary (examiner, trustee, receiver, referee, monitor or special master) in bankruptcy and civil litigation.

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